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Somatic Experiencing

Why you may need a Session:

Most people have experienced some form of Trauma in their lives.

Not everyone ends up Traumatized. The difference is that some peoples' nervous system

gets interrupted during a critical regulating process leaving them with an overwhelmed system and feeling "unsafe". This state of overwhelm is comparable to a revving car. Eventually the motor will breakdown/burnout if it's not taken care of.


In this unsafe or "Revving" state, the nervous system creates the illusion that there is constant danger and will keep the person in a Fight/Flight/Freeze response until the Nervous system gets the opportunity to "play out" what it needs in order to Reset and Regulate. 

If you had an accident and made it out ok, you might have over looked the possibilty that the mere shock and overwhelm of it may have left you with a dysregulated nervous system.


Signs and Symptoms:

Have you had any falls, accidents, injuries, birth trauma, abuse, "Shock" to the system events? Sometimes you have been pushing through so much, you may not realize that "little" fall is much bigger when you add it to a pile of other events in your life.

  • Isolation, avoidance, social withdrawal  

  • pain/chronic pain

  • Sleep and eating disturbances

  • Low energy

  • Depression and fear

  • Anxiety and panic

  • Numbness, irritability, anger

  • Feeling out of control

  • Avoidance

  • Distraction

  • Decrease in concentration

  • Memory lapse

  • Difficulty with decisions

  • Trouble with everyday tasks, focus

  • Sensitivity or overwhelm to added stimulation

  • Light Senseitivity
  • Headaches
*Note: Sometimes people may feel triggered after reading the above. Its a good idea to take care of yourself and ask others for their support if needed.
  • Substance abuse

  • Eating disorders

  • Impulsive, self-destructive behavior

  • Sexual disruption

  • Feeling threatened, hostile, argumentative

  • Extremely Judgemental (everyone is unsafe)

  • Pushing Friends and Family away.

  • Trouble being in a crowd of people

  • Flashbacks

  • Nightmares

  • Intrusive thoughts

Somatic Experiencing


These are weekly sessions. Each week, we will be working together to release Trauma by resetting your nervous system. The Somatic Experiencing® method is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders. SE takes the approach that the traumatic event isn’t what caused the trauma, it is the overwhelmed response to the perceived life threat that is causing an unbalanced nervous system. The aim is to help you access the body memory of the event, not the story memory of the mind.



This is a discovery session to see how your nervous system is functioning, your history and symptoms, education on how the technique works and we will begin working to reset and create more regulation in the system.

1.5 Hour Session

First Time Session

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Sessions

1 Hour Session

This process takes time, because time has created it what you need to process. These are weekly sessions designed to help you reset your nervous system.

Discounted Package Deals:

Package A:

3 X 1 Hour Sessions

Package B:

1 x 2hour Session

Somatic Experiencing

with Reiki Combo


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Somatic Experiencing was created by Dr. Peter A. Levine.  He was inspired to study stress on the animal nervous system when he realized that animals are constantly under threat of death, yet show no symptoms of trauma.

What he has discovered was that trauma has to do with the third survival response to perceived life threat, which is freeze. When fight and flight are not options during an attack or threat, animals and humans freeze and immobilize, like “playing dead.” This makes them less of a target. Have you ever been so afraid that you couldn't move and felt yourself holding your breath? This is just one example of the freeze response. Once freeze has been initiated, it is time-sensitive and needs to run its course. Normally the energy gets discharged once there is a knowing of safety, and the body would begin to shake and tremble. Humans, tend to somehow disrupt this natural process and end up with a dysregulated nervous system. 

Somatic Experiencing® works to release this stored energy, and turn off this threat alarm.