Welcome To Reiki


A healing experience is unlike any other. It calls to you from deep within. It reconnects us to our soul consciousness and gives us a feeling that we are taken care of by something bigger than ourselves. If you are interested in taking a Reiki course, you have probably felt a calling. Whether it’s just for you or for you to learn how to share Reiki with others, you are about to embark on a life long commitment to universal magic.

What is Reiki?


(Pronounced Ray-key)

This is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and can be translated having the the meaning "universal life force energy" or "soul power".

The word "Rei" means universal or god-conscious and the word Ki means life energy. It works on numerous levels; emotional,physical,mental and astral. Reiki practioners channel this universal life energy into the clients body to assist in the natural healing process.


Benefits of Reiki

  • Promotes natural Self-Healing

  • Can Relieve Pain

  • Releases blocked and suppressed emotions

  • Releases trapped energy due to a traumatic event

  • Relaxes and Reduces Stress or Anxiety

  • Clears Toxins

  • Balances the Energies in the Body

  • Brings clarity and understanding to life challenges and issues

  • Promotes Creativity

  • Enhances personal Awareness

  • Can Speed up recovery from an illness or injury

  • Aids in meditation and mindfulness practice

  • And So So So much more...

*Reiki is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment, but can compliment different forms of therapy.


Your Reiki Master/Teacher

    Heather HENDERSON




For nearly a decade, I have dedicated my time to helping others heal certain aspects of their lives through Reiki Healing, EFT Tapping, Psychic/Mediumship and Metaphysical consultation. More recently I’ve added Life Coaching to the mix and have noticed a dramatic shift throughout the sessions. When Clients take an active roll in their healing, the results are almost miraculous.


I received training from popular facilities worldwide; these include The Arthur Findlay College, The West Coast Mystic Arts, Rhodes Wellness College and Krista Jane-Light Your Fire.




Private Session

Reiki is a great way to release energy and tension that is causing a disturbance in the natural flow of your life. Replenishing vital energy is necessary for living a healthier and happier life.


I begin to channel a light and gentle energy through the crown of my head and it flows out of my hands into your body. This high vibration of energy will begin to move to the areas in need of healing, and will slowly increase the vibration within your body by releasing old blocks that you are ready to let go of.

A little bonus: As I channel Reiki, I also will ask intuitive questions, to assist you in getting to the root cause of any blockages.  This makes for a very powerful healing session, because you are taking part in the process.

During a Reiki session:


All students are trained using the USUI SHIKI RYOHO method. Each level expands on and increases the students ability to channel Reiki Energy. As the student grows, so does their skill set and confidence levels. It is important to note that it takes time between each level to increase the flow of healing energy, so advancing to the next level should be carefully considered.


Each level is a prerequisite to the next. Students will receive a Certificate of completion at the end of the course.

*Note: Students will be going through emotional cleansing. It will be easier on the body, mind and spirit if alcohol or other substance is refrained from use for at least a few days before and after the course.
What to bring for each course: a notepad/journal, pens, snacks and and lunch.


Location: Whistler B.C Area, Squamish B.C., Pemberton B.C., Vancouver B.C., Thunder Bay O.N., and other Travel Destinations.


Refresher Reiki

Has it been a while since you've taken a Reiki Workshop?


* Bonus: When students book a Reiki Course, they recieve discounts on Private Sessions with me!


This level is all about you. You will be learning to expand your awareness, to deepen your connection to self, to learn to connect to healing energy, and to enhance your spiritual development.


Course Content:

  • Students will be attuned to Reiki energy.

  • History of Reiki,

  • Principles of Reiki,

  • Ethical practices of Reiki,

  • The 21-day cleanse

  •  Chakra systems, and how to energetically scan the body


Emphasis is placed on learning the hand positions for self healing and the healing of others. Students will receive a manual that includes Level 1 material. Upon completion of the training, students will be able to provide Reiki healing for themselves and others. This is a fun-filled day with abundant hands-on practice.


Click Calendar for dates and location.


This level is preparation to share Reiki with others. Once level 1 is completed, and you have begun your healing process, you will have a desire to want to go even deeper with what you have already learned and expand upon it.


Course Content:

  • Students will be attuned to the Level 2 Reiki energy.

  • You will learn the Reiki Symbols and how to use them with lots of hands on practice.

  • Preparation for you to work on clients

  • Long distance healing

  • Intuitive techniques


Please allow for enough time between your Level 1 and Level 2. You will feel a calling to take the Level 2 and you will know when the timing is right as long as you follow your intuition.



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This is an advanced level of Reiki. This level offers you the opportunity to step into your power and become a well rounded healing practitioner.


Course Content:

  • You will be attuned with a Reiki Master Usui Symbol and this means you will practice being in the flow of a higher level of energy until you are ready to Teach others.

  • Learn the Usui Master symbol which increases the effectiveness of Level 2 Symbols.

  • The Use of Crystals and Stones with Reiki

  • A big focus will be held on communication with the body using The Aura Clearing Technique to deepen your connection to yourself and expand your own personal growth.


Please allow for enough time between your Level 2 and Level 3. You will feel a calling to take the Level 2 and you will know when the timing is right as long as you follow your intuition.



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This level prepares you to Teach and Attune others in their Reiki Practice. At this stage, you have been channeling Reiki at a higher level with commitment to your practice and working with others by supporting them on their healing journey.
Upon completion of this course you will be certified as a Reiki Master and Teacher in the USUI SHIKI RYOHO

Course Content:

  • You will receive a complete Reiki Master Attunement with both Usui/Tibetan symbol

  • Meditation to call in the Masters and Guides.

  • Review of each level and their structure from a Teaching perspective.

  • An unveiling of the Attunement process that will be followed by lots of hands on practice.

  • Follow up Practice teaching session


* Students will chose a level to prepare lessons to teach for their workshops and we will mock teach them in a group. Students will need time to prepare lessons for the practice teaching session day. Date is to be determined by students after the course is finished.  



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Reiki Share

What a great way to practice giving and receiving healing with members of your community. You get to meet new people and share your gifts with others.


  • Practice Reiki on others in a supported environment

  • Connect to your Reiki Community

  • Build up your confidence level

  • Receive from others

This event is designed to offer support from your community and to  create a sense of ease while you practice your skillset. Sometimes hearing what others may be experiencing, helps us with our own understanding, and growth.


Click Calendar for dates and location.

Pet Reiki Private Session

Pets are people too, so treat your pet to a loving healing session.

This therapy can be soothing and may help to calm agitation. Just like people, pets have emotional experiences. Over time, the "bad" or negative stored emotions begin to block the natural flow of energy in the body. The end result of this stress on the system is an eventual breakdown leading to illness or injury. Reiki is recommended for wellness, treating pain, anxiety and behavioral problems.

*Note: This technique is NOT a replacement for your pet's medical Care. It is designed to work alongside medical treatment to complement healing.