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For nearly a decade, I have dedicated my time to helping others heal certain aspects of their lives through Holistic Energy Healing > Reiki, EFT Tapping, Psychic/Mediumship and Metaphysical consultation. More recently I’ve added a

Life Coaching diploma and Somatic Experiencing Skills to the mix and have noticed a dramatic shift throughout the sessions. When Clients take an active roll in their healing, the results are almost miraculous.

I received training from popular facilities worldwide; these include The Arthur Findlay College, The West Coast Mystic Arts, Rhodes Wellness College, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and Krista Jane-Light Your Fire.


As well, I am a Co-Author of Canada's national best selling Be The Change Cards. I have also received a Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate, and I specialize in spiritual practices such as Law of Attraction, Symbols, Dreams and more. 




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Reiki Master,
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"By letting go of old patterns, you can create new magical experiences"




“Heather has been a great help at identifying thought and emotional patterns that have caused me much suffering. She helped me call into awareness how they manifest in my relationships, and how I can transform them into healthier ones. Her expertise, skill set and informed intuition have contributed to big shifts and improved relationships.

I would highly recommend Heather to people who are interested in embarking, or continuing on their journey of transformation."   


                                                                                                 Julia Reckermann


“Heather has really helped me to move forward in my thinking during our coaching sessions. She helped me to see what limiting beliefs I was holding onto that were weighing me down, and she assisted me to shift these beliefs to line up with who I am and to help me see myself in a new light.   Since our sessions, I've had permanent and noticeable results in my life! Heather is compassionate and lovely to work with. I strongly recommend working with Heather as your coach!"


                                                                                                  Lauren Sherman


My Story

       I've spent years traveling the world learning healing techniques and learning to develop psychic-mediumship skills. I dedicated myself to private readings and healing sessions for people, and during that time, I became aware that there was something missing from these sessions.

So, I enrolled in a very hands on Life Coaching course in Vancouver that also included counseling classes. Wow, I can't even begin to express my gratitude for this course. I continued with my education by taking a trauma release course called Somatic Experiencing that taught me how to reset the nervous system.  This changed everything from the way I teach Reiki, to the way I live my daily life.  In a very short time, I discovered that  Life Coaching, Somatic Experiencing Skills and Energy Healing is a very powerful combination.

After implementing these techniques, I have discovered the missing piece was that people need to be involved in their healing process. The more involved they get, the more healing takes place.

I love guiding these sessions and I feel aligned with my own purpose as I work with you. I hope you follow the call within you and make a commitment to your own healing and inspired life.


See you soon!

Heather Henderson

When you continue to take action and make room for love, it has no choice but to find it's way to you. 


Special thanks to the beautiful dog in the pictures below. I loved how you showed up just after I said to my friend Matt "It would be really fun to have a dog in a couple of pictures." You stayed with me for so long even while your owner was throwing you a ball! So perfect, I love it!!!