Feeling Stuck?

Sometimes all it takes to get "unstuck", is to move your fridge.

Often people feel as though they are going round in circles, chasing their tails and getting no where. Years can go by and the same topics of frustration keep coming up in conversation. It really becomes noticeable when you haven't seen someone in a very long time, and you find yourself continuing a conversation that feels like deja vu.

The "feeling stuck" usually occurs when we keep coming to the same conclusions with a perspective that leads to a result that we don't really want or that makes us feel "bad". Because the end result in the mind doesn't lead in the desired direction, all directed action comes to a halt. The mind will keep going round in circles attempting to find a solution. If a shift in perspective doesn't occur or the desire for change isn't greater than the comfort of staying in our discomfort, we stay "stuck" and nothing changes.

Often people will compromise their dreams because the unknown creates insecurity for them and it appears way more scary than where they are now, even if now feels uncomfortable.

The only way out of the fear is to convince the mind that it has nothing to fear. To do this, you first have to tell your mind that you desire change and then convince it by taking an action that seems less scary than what you originally proposed. Usually the big picture seems way too daunting for the mind that already doesn't Trust you will actually take action to get you there. How do you regain trust again? If the mind is stagnate, like the rest of your body, all it needs is a little exercise.

A little exercise:

To exercise our minds, the best place to start is to show your mind you will take action and make things happen.

One example of what truly works for me, is to begin checking off the TO DO list that has been in your head for days, weeks, months and maybe even years.

For example: For the past year, I had shuffled around in a tiny kitchen with barely any counter space due to a small floor, and a crammed in fridge. I began to do all the little things that I had promised myself I would do. Things like buying a new desk lamp, updating my website, planting some flowers, getting rid of some things I don't need and so on. This is when the magic started to happen. I instantly felt as though energy was pulsing more rapidly inside my body. My brain seemed to make room for new and refreshed ideas. Each time I checked something off the list, solutions for old problems began to pop into my head!

I can move the fridge!

Because of the way the kitchen was designed it didn't occur to me that I could move the fridge out, put boards down on the carpet, and live happily ever after. When I made room in my mind, the idea popped into my head even though it had nothing to do with the things on the list.

After I moved the fridge an even more powerful surge of energy began to ripple forward and seemed to unhinge a series of things that were holding me back. I began living my dreams, instead of just thinking about them. By listening and following the solutions, I began the process of training my mind to be solution oriented. With each action, I began to trust that I CAN instead of I CAN'T.

Now each time I have an idea, it feels more and more possible to make it happen, and my belief in myself is growing. New found excitement and passion, are fueling me forward.

My hope for you is that as you read this, your mind is beginning to make your own check list and that you are deciding you want change and you will stop at nothing to make it happen!

"Knowing that even the smallest steps make a difference, I look for changes I can make today."

-Be the change cards-

Life Coach/Reiki Master

Co-Author of The Be the Change Cards

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