Wellness Coaching

Why You might feel Called to do a session.
There is a part of you that is daring to feel better than you have been, to accomplish things you have been dreaming about, and to express yourself in all your beauty, purpose and glory.
That same part of you is requesting change and commitment to that change, and is ready and willing; that is why you are here. 
Now is always a good time to make the changes necessary to fully experience the life you were born to live.

“Knowing that even the smallest steps make a difference, I look for changes I can make today.
                    -Be the change cards-

Book in for a quick free chat to see if we are a great fit for each other and what type of session would work best for you. I incorporate a unique skill set into my sessions, so for your benefit, it is important that you are already familiar with and open to what I offer. 

Are we a magical match?

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Wellness Coaching

During our weekly sessions we will be working together to uncover old patterns and perceptions. We will use an array of techniques designed to release stagnant energy and shift limiting beliefs. Each week, my objective is that you will leave with a newfound awareness and an action step for you to implement in your life between sessions. My aim throughout is to inspire change and from there you will begin to re-design your life.


             Wellness                  Coaching Session

These sessions are designed to help you reach your goals. With each active commitment you make to yourself, you are one step away from a new life.

    Wellness Coaching Session and Reiki Combo

For the first hour, we focus on coaching. For the second, you get to relax and enjoy the nurturing energy of Reiki.

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Some Techniques used during a session: 


*Note: During a Session, we may discover a disruption in your Nervous system and it may be recommended to narrow the focus on a few sessions using the Trauma Release Technique called                                         .


What is a Wellness Coach?

When someone asks me what a Wellness Coach is, I find the simplest answer to that is someone who aims to help empower others to meet and exceed their personal and professional goals.

By harnessing techniques based on core psychological principles and intuition, a wellness coach can provide clients with the tools to confidently face difficult situations and move through emotional barriers.

Coaches are  trained to truly listen to their clients and to ask all the right questions encouraging insight and new perspectives.


Why you may want a Coaching session:

"By letting go of old patterns, you can create new magical experiences"


We all have things that seem to prevent or slow down the process of living a life we want to live. Most people have an area of their life that feels a bit stagnant or stuck and they can't seem to find a solution that doesn't seem impossible. 

A reason for this can be that throughout your lifetime, you have been creating different patterns from beliefs about your experiences. These thoughts and beliefs can create discomforting vibrations or sensations in your body that send a signal to your nervous system that says "this isn't safe". Every time you feel "unsafe" your body/mind tells you

"we shouldn't go that way, it's unsafe."  Your body/mind will then send you in the direction of what it believes is safe. What if one time in the past you hid from danger and it kept you safe? This will be remembered. The body/mind might determine that is the best course of action and might keep sending you to hide instead of what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. If your Beliefs are destructive instead of constructive, you might keep avoiding (hiding from) certain things because you feel discomfort. That is where I come in. As your Coach, I will help determine what you need to do in order for you to establish new patterns and help you create a constructive belief systems that will help you to thrive instead of just survive.

Are you ready for change?