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Space Clearing

Help your business or home thrive again. Give your space a deep spiritual cleansing from any emotional break ups, stuck or stagnate energy or possibly a spirit that has decided they really like your space. Allow abundance and joy to flow back in the door.

During a Session:

 I come to your home or business and assess the energy in the space. Then depending on the assessment, I will begin to clear the energy by using Spiritual and Metaphysical Space Clearing Techniques. This may include a one on type of session to assist you in clearing your energy as well.

*Note: The price may vary if your space has a more intense energy that requires more time than expected.




Emotional Freedom Technique        

           (Often known as Tapping) 

              Mind-Body Medicine

This is an introduction to EFT. This class is for anyone who wishes to learn the basics of this healing technique.

Years ago, the Chinese discovered a complex system of energy circuits that run throughout the body. These energy circuits or meridians as they are called are the basis for acupuncture, acupressure and a wide variety of other healing techniques such as; E.F.T. tapping.  By simply Tapping with our fingertips near the end points of the energy meridians while at the same time connecting to and reciting limiting beliefs , you can experience some profound changes in your emotional and physical health.

Course Content:

  • Learn the Tapping Points and Sequence

  • Belief Systems/Patterns

  • Mind/Body Connection

  • Hands on Practice


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Tea Leaf Reading


Learn the ancient secrets of Tea Leaf Reading that has been passed down through the ages.

Course Content:

  • You will learn the how to read Symbols and how to interpret them.

  • You will learn how to tap into and attune to your intuitive abilities

  • You will learn the Rituals of Tea Leaf Reading

The art of Reading Tea Leaves is traditionally referred to as taseography. This is a divination method used to help the reader to interpret life patterns. Using symbols and images at the bottom of the cup, the reader is able to see a life story of the querant.


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