Knowing that even the smallest steps make a difference, I look for changes I can make today.



 My conscious discovery of happiness in each        moment, allows me to rejoice in bliss.




        The promises I make to my Self are kept

              until  they no longer serve me.



The Be the Change cards contain 52 positive affirmations to encourage awakened consciousness and authentic, positive change.

Choose a card a week or a card a day and use the messages to empower you on your journey of personal transformation. By reflecting and acting on these concepts, you can "Be the change you wish to see in the world."..Mahatma Gandhi 






1. Shuffle the cards or place them loosely on a dish.

2. Ask a question in your mind or focus on a situation in your life that could benefit from insight.

3. Choose a card and reflect on the meaning of the words.

4. Throughout your week, incorporate the shift of awareness in different situations. This deck encourages awakened consciousness and authentic, positive changes to life's situations.

  How to Use the Cards



If you are a practitioner, storefront or hosting a conference and think these cards would complement what you offer, please feel free to contact me.  They are a great tool for inspiring change and they sell like hot cakes!




   These Cards were created by a collective group of Psychics and Healers dedicated to elevating consciousness in order to create a world that thrives harmoniously.


Heather Henderson, Helena Diosa, Krista Hoffs, Kelly Oswald, Mitchell Soulfeather, Cheryl Davidson